Necessary Informations for new project

If you are new in paper cup business, please take some time to read the following information
1. The Material: PE Coated Paper
2. PE: Polyethylene film coated
3. Single side PE coated paper: only one side of the paper coated with PE film (inside of the cup is smooth)
4. Double Sides PE Coated Paper: Both of two sides are coated with PE film (both of the cup sides are smooth)
5.Paper Weight: For example, 180 gsm paper mean 1 square meter paper weigh 180 gram.
6. PE Coating Weight: 1 square meter coated PE film weight, in general 10—20 gsm,
7.PE Coated Paper Weight : single side PE coated paper weight (raw paper + PE coating weight) ; Double sides PE coated paper weight (inside PE coating + raw paper + outside PE coating weight)

Paper Cup tips:
1. Paper cup kinds: Single side PE coated paper cups; double sides PE coated paper cups
2. Paper cup sizes: We use oz (ounce) or ml (milliliter) to state cup sizes. For example, 3oz, 8oz, 200ml etc. 1oz=28.34ml=28.34g, that means 1oz is equal to 28.34 ml water weight (1oz cup capacity is 28.34ml.
3. Use: Hot drinks cup (coffee cup, tea cup); Cold drinks cup (coca-cola cup, beer cup, Ice-cream cup)
4. Remark:You can use single PE cup and double PE cup for hot drinks; but use double PE cup for cold drinks.

Prepare paper cup business:
1. Make a research in local market
2. find out which cup size and what kind (cold or hot, single or double) of cups are popular, and decide your own standard cup (size, measure), the material (single or double PE paper). Then help you select the suitable machine (the following will mention).
3. To learn how many cups can be sold per day (per month), decide how many sets machines are best for you.
4. Learn the process of making paper cups and The whole line process
5. Calculate the cost of make paper cups

Before Making Paper Cups:
1.Buy PE Coated Paper (single or double) from the suppliers: the paper suppliers will cut the paper to sheet (for cup-side body use) or rolling (for cup bottom use) (size according to your requirement) . We can suggest you familiar paper supplier and give you best price.
2.Printing on paper: you can buy a printing machine to finish it , or let it done at paper supplier.
3.Cut: buy cutting Machine to cut the roll paper to cup-fan. Also can let it done at supplier.

Making Paper Cups :
1.The process flow in the machine
2.Watch the operation video
Sell paper cups :
1.Different area and country, the market different.
The following is China market, just for your reference:
A. Market Cups, the cups just sold on the supermarket for the life usage. This kind of cups, you can use a little lighter paper 180 gsm to 250 gsm .
B. Advertise Cups, the cups are printed with other companies logo (address, name, . To make Ad. cups or high quality cups, you should choose the paper from 220 gsm to more.